Monday, April 14, 2014

Warm up

Made some time to get in the saddle. Had a nice little relaxing 6.3 mile ride. Was some great weather, and so I started this season a little late. I loved getting back on my Guardian and just need to make time more often.

The area I live is now is very flat, but it has some amazing beauty. I need to grab a trunk mounted rack so I can get out to a couple trails about 15 miles away. I am sad because I had some fun stuff really close to my old place. But that is the price of progress. I will keep exploring and maybe can find some fun stuff to ride consistently that is close.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

Just want everyone to know next year is a New Year, hoping to get in some great riding. I am putting out a 1000 mile off road goal for myself next year and hope to build on that. The house has been great and now that things have settled down I am hoping to make time to ride lots and get some great content back on this blog. I miss my rides and plan to ride lots and hope I can get my son on some rides and take the dog on some.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Need more time!

Had a quick little ride with my riding partner. She is getting more stamina as she is now a big 6 months old. Thinking I will be getting in 5-10 miles with her pretty soon! Did about 3 miles with her and she was pretty done for.

The biggest complaint with getting out to ride is I just dont have the time I used to. Owning a home just makes it more difficult to find the time to go riding!

Any ideas how to get more riding time after work and doing what is needed around the house? And spending time with my 5yr old and 3 yr old and taking care of the dog? I know just get out and ride! But wow sometimes it is hard.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Riding Partner

Life has been busy, but I have been getting out on the Guardian. The only bad part is that my rides have been short rides around town. The main reason is I have a new amazing riding partner.

I am training our puppy to come along for some rides. Gives me more of a reason to get out and ride, but also some fun of having Piper coming along too. She is only 4 months old now so I keep the rides short and she is on leash but I am hoping to train her well enough so I can get to some open areas and have her follow and follow voice commands. She is a smart dog. So I think this will be a good outlet for her energy. And a good idea for me to keep motivated and ride more.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review Revisited - 1 year later

I thought I would look back over my review and point out my thoughts on my Guardian after a season of riding.

The biggest question that comes to mind is, "Would I buy this bike again?"

To break that down,
               Did I have enough money to buy something better? NO
               Did the bike meet my expectations? Yes
               Do I believe I got a good value for my dollar? Definitely
What do I need to do now after riding? Well I need to change out my bottom bracket.  Other then that I just need to ride more.

Things I would like to change?
              I would like to upgrade the cranks and front derailleur. I am not a huge fan of the 3 cogs up front and will eventually pony up the cash and make that upgrade. Other then that I have been a huge fan of this bike.

This bike still looks good, rides good and should last me for quite a while. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lets get this started.

Well this was a good start to the riding in 2013. I 
should have started riding earlier but this year for some reason has just been a wild one so far. With the interest rates and housing prices we are about to close on our first house, and with my work year end is just a very busy time of year. 
I am just glad again that I bought this Airborne last year and started riding. I feel as though I am off to a better start this year then I was last year and hope to get more riding and become a better rider and in better shape after this riding season then last.

So I had to try and get a ride in before we move and then keep up the "habit" of riding every week. Although I will be busy with the house I will also have a garage  and will be able to do a little better maintenance on the bike and hope to find more rides close to the new house. So more exploring, more riding and more blogging to come.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ah spring.....

While the sun is getting warmer the days are still short. The air is still cold but the itch is starting. Have to get out and ride. To all of those others that wish they rode more and worked less this post is for you. Hope to have some good shots from this weekend where spring is starting.

The Airborne Guardian is ready for some miles to be logged as I have had some fun little rides with my 4 year old to check on the local park. If only Airborne made a kids bike... but I know they are making the quality to impress at a price point that helps us working people be able to ride.